About us

We offer you:

Treatment care

  • Blood pressure measurement 
  • medication administration 
  • Medicament control 
  • Glycemic control 
  • Injection (insulin or infusion) 
  • Specific supply after chir. Interventions (eg VB in ostomy Tracheotomy) 
  • tube feeding 
  • put on and take off 
  • Only after medical Regulation billable or by putting up a private bill (according to maintenance contract and Conditions of Use)

Care performance according to § 89 SGB XI

  • Personal care (washing, showering, bathing) 
  • Oral, dental and denture care 
  • Wash your hair, comb, shaving 
  • Making beds, refer 
  • storage 
  • Washing of linen and clothing 
  • Eating aids, bite-sized meal

Domestic supply

We can perform for you small home economics activities, such as small purchases, as part of our care visits if you notify us in advance. This also facilitates us to plan the daily routines.

Emergency call

To give you 24 hours a day security, we also help you arrange the placement of the "emergency" on push of a button. Safe and comfortable in your whole house.

Care insurance

We are also happy to assist you when it comes to a claim for nursing care, or the medical service has signed up for a home visit.

We plan and advise

  • On our first visit we will, according to your needs, work together to create a viable and affordable care plan, as well as discuss the conditions (who, when, how often,does what, for example)
  • All the services that we provide as part of our care visits are documented in the remaining care portfolio periodically and updated if something changes.
  • The transparency of our work is for your safety because you can always provide insight and overview . In addition, the documentation of our activities serve as proof for your insurance carrier and the correct billing.
  • Additional services can we provide by agreement as a private performance